Money Into The Working Families Organization Buys Influence Over Ballot Lines For The Working Families Party

from City Hall

Nothing demonstrates the connection between the Working Families Party and the Working Families Organization like the power the non-profit has over the Party’s political decisions. The Organization’s confidential New York City Coordinating Council Constitution & Rules and a not-for-distribution voting memo obtained by City Hall—backed by interviews and other documents—lay out a system which directly ties Working Families Party’s endorsements and nominations to the size of unions’ contributions to the Working Families Organization, which are not subject to campaign finance regulations or limits.

No political party that election law experts cite has any similar process for having money buy power over endorsements. Neither those election lawyers nor any non-profits experts had heard of any situation where money paid to a legally separate non-profit had any direct role in even influencing, let alone determining, what a political party would do.

If the weighted votes that determine party action are tied to money, election law experts say there may be constitutional issues, and tax law experts say that there would then be additional issues because of the involvement of a non-profit.

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