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KW: The big education news is a list of top high schools by US News & World Reports. It is interesting to look at what kind of schools won (many are specific and/or mission-oriented.) Also, to see the US News & World Reports rankings of all states in regards to high school education.

And, if you are thinking about good schools, or rethinking schools, there are lots of resources at AERO, the Alternative Education Resource Organization. Physically located in Roslyn, Long Island, New York, the organization’s web-site, publications, and research covers child-centered, democratic, co-operative schools from all over the world.

(excerpt from) US News & World Reports
Best High Schools
Virginia High School Is Best in the Nation
U.S. News ranks America’s Best High Schools for third consecutive year

by Kenneth Terrell / December 9, 2009

U.S. News has ranked high schools. U.S. News uses a three-step process that analyzes first how schools are educating all of their students, then their minority and disadvantaged students, and finally their collegebound students based on student scores on statewide tests, Advanced Placement tests, and International Baccalaureate tests…

California leads the nation this year with 110 high schools that earned recognition, followed by New York (53 schools), Texas (50 schools), Illinois (37 schools), Florida (24 schools), and Massachusetts (21 schools).

At the read more is a poem about good schools…

Where To Go To School

Go to a school that is small, if you can.

Go to a school where the leaders are wise and happy and care about you.
Maybe they even know you.

Go to a school with a mission:
Religion or football
PTA dances or class gardens–anything.
The focus will draw people together.

Go to a school where if you are crying on the bus the first day,
they will let your mommy drive you instead.
Or, the bus driver will coax you with a friendly smile.
Or, maybe there is no bus at all.

Go to a school where people can see you for yourself.
It would be ideal if there were no grades.
But, at least, when you make something, people appreciate it.
Go to a school where if you are bad,
they will first take your temperature,
explore your feelings,
do anything besides secluding or drugging you.

Go to a school where your mom and dad feel welcome.
Well, maybe they started the school, or maybe the parents run it.
Certainly, the teachers respect them and encourage them to visit.
Go to a school that allows you to hold onto your Truth,
where you can feel safe and be safe,
until you are old enough to create your own security.

Look for a school with lots of real books.
Books are almost always filled with magic pebbles or friendly animals.
Some books even have stories that speak to your heart,
stories the old people used to tell children when we all lived together as families.

Look for a school with lots of:
Windows, teddy bears, green plants, smiling grown-ups, and good food.
Where you can feel:
Believed, nurtured, respected, valued, listened to.

when you grow up, find a
neighborhood, community, workplace, and family that
helps you feel this way, too.

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