John Murtha dies (and the implications on war and peace)

Condolences to the family of  Congressperson John Murtha.

Apart from the loss of a respected person and elected official, Murtha’s death will also have serious implications on war and peace, because he was the Chair of the United States House of Representatives Defense Appropriations Sub-Committee. Murtha belonged to the Democratic Party.

The full story at Reuters is: here.

An excerpt, describing some effects his death may have on weapons programs, is at the readmore.

(excerpt from) Reuters
UPDATE 3-John Murtha, US defense appropriations chair, dies

…His death increases the chances that the Obama administration could succeed in killing two weapons programs that Murtha helped Congress to resurrect last year — the Boeing C-17 transport plane and a second engine for the Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter.

“There’s no question that Jack Murtha was an institution and it’s going to take time to adjust to his passing,” said Loren Thompson, defense analyst with the Virginia-based Lexington Institute.

Thomson said major defense companies might not be able to lean as heavily on Murtha’s likely successor on the defense spending panel, Norm Dicks, a Democrat from Washington state, although Dicks is a strong backer of defense programs.

The Standard & Poor’s Aerospace & Defense Index .GSPAERO fell 1.1 percent on Monday as major defense company shares were mixed…

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