New York State: Looking at priorities through personnel/workers chart

KW: At The Albany Times Union, they requested from the government, and have published, a great document that shows how many state workers there are in various departments and offices. The list gives interesting insight into where our government spends the most money, and what some budget priorities are. I will say that reading it for priorities is not as easy as matching line to line, because some issues – such as education – have several different offices or departments that cover them. And, some items seem to have a “zero”, just because they are left-over offices which have been taken over by another sector or department.

Still, it is interesting that the area with the most New York State workers is the corrections department. We spend an awful lot of money locking an awful lot of people up.

The full chart from the NY Civil Service Department is: here. Some line items I found of note below…

Number of NY State Workers employed in various offices/departments:

Corrections – M/O & FACS:   30,982

Crime Victims Board:   88

Department of Environmental Conservation:   4,162

Office of Prevention of Domestic Violence:   29

Workers Compensation Board:   1,434

Division of Human Rights:   224

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