Big News on the NY Politics Front: Elizabeth Benjamin moves!

KW: As regulaElizabeth Benjaminr readers may have noticed, whenever there is a big story in state politics, my most likely sources are “Capitol Confidential” from the Albany Times Union AND/OR “Daily Politics” with Elizabeth Benjamin at the NY Daily News.

Well, Elizabeth Benjamin is leaving the NY Daily News. She is going on to what seems to be a bigger project — multi-dimensional, including TV — for a Time Warner Cable/YNN project called “Capital Tonight“. It will include a political blog, which is currently set up on the web-site, though with no posts yet. [Update: It’s Monday at 9am, and there are several posts up! Plus, you can comment without registering!]

And, I guess if we can do it to Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, we can do it to Elizabeth Benjamin, too…so, I will say Elizabeth Benjamin has a great new hairdo and fashion statement that comes with her new “on-air” position. (See above).  She really does look about 10 years younger, and a lot more friendly than she did in her Capitol Confidential column photo. I think the message her photo projects went from Paul Vitello-style to Katie Couric-style. (Okay, maybe Tina Fey?) Though, I hope Benjamin’s reporting stays as serious as her old image.

More importantly, I have already favorited the new web-site. And, I am hoping the blog there will be as timely as the blog Benjamin ran at the Daily News. As for what will become of the Daily Politics…A woman named Celeste Katz, who Elizabeth Benjamin has worked with previously, will be taking over the blog. Here’s hoping that two good sources will turn into three (instead of only one!)

Congratulations, Elizabeth Benjamin! Looking forward to watching you work in another, cool venue.

[Hey! I think the that Elizabeth Benjamin may still be writing stories for the NY Daily News! Interesting…]

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