Is NY State Government post-racial? Viral video shows we are not…

KW: During a Finance Committee meeting with the appointment of an African-American man onto a board, some NY State Senators became hot over racial issues. Evidently this has struck a note, because the video of this incident has gone viral (for a political video.)

Here are the stats from the official youtube site where NY State Senate video is posted. Note that the “racial argument” video is now the #2 top viewed, and it has only been up 20 hours. And, the #1 and #3 videos are from 10 months ago! At least the controversy has people thinking about and watching their government.

“NY Senate Uncut” You Tube Stats for the morning of 4-28-2010

Most viewed:

#1 – Part1of2SenateJudiciaryCommittee060809
4,698 views – 10 months ago

#2 – NYS Senate Finance Committee 04/27/10
[Editor’s note: Includes DeFrancisco/O’Luck/Kevin Parker situation]
2,234 views – 20 hours ago

#3 – 2of2 NYS Senate Judiciary Committee Hearin060809
2,047 views – 10 months ago

Mini-update: As of evening of April 28th, the racial argument video is the #1 viewed video on the site, with 4,706 views.

Update #2: As of after midnight on April 29th, the racial argument video is still #1, and now has 7,511 views total in 2 days.

Background post on this story: here

Also…video of another angry man, yelling in the legislature:

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