Mudlogging geologist states directional wells will not work to solve the BP blow out

Mudlogging geologist states directional wells will not work to solve this Transocean-Halliburton-BP blown out well and will create a larger uncontrolled blowout disaster. By Chris Landau (geologist).

Dear BP and President Obama

Geologist (mudlogging) seeks explanation on how 2(two) new directional wells will solve problem?

Please explain to this ignorant high pressure mud logging geologist how directional wells into the existing well will solve your problem.

If you can not pump drilling mud and cement into the well now that you have only one leaking point to stabilize the situation, all that you will do is create more holes in the casing and production pipe for the oil and gas to leak out of, by drilling more rough boreholes into this well.

More cement and mud from more points is not going to help. You are just creating more holes.

You will create jagged edges deep underground that you will not be able to see.

You will not be able to see whether your seal is working from the inside of the new pipe.

Please tell me of one occurrence where this idea of directional wells drilled into an existing blowout well of high pressure has worked.

BP, publish the mudlogs and e-logs for the USA. You have no right to keep us in the dark.

Publish the mudlogs and e-logs so that we can all see what is going on.

You need to drill 4 new wells 1500 feet away and surrounding this existing well to take out the oil and gas pressure from this zone.

If you can not seal the well now, then relieve the oil and gas pressure.

BP, you are wasting time with a directional well solution for August 2010 that can not work. It is designed for failure. Is that what you want? If so, why?

If it your intention to sabotage the oil industry, this is not the right way to go about it. Or is it?

On second thoughts, congratulations! Keep up the fine work.

The world awaits your reply.

Chris Landau (geologist)

June 4, 2010


The short bio of Chris Landau is: He was born in South Africa in 1958, and later became a citizen of the United States. He is interested in astronomy, meteorology, geology and biology. He has given two peer-reviewed papers for professional geologist organizations. He can be reached at: chrislandau at

Here is the full bio that Chris Landau sent over:

I was born in South Africa in 1958. I came to the USA with my wife and three daughters in 2003. We became US citizens in 2009 and 2010. My wife Susan is a Special Education English Teacher. She also has a bachelor’s degree in Micro anatomy and biochemistry. I have two daughters at university and one at school. I am very lucky to be surrounded by such talented woman. They all love creative writing, poetry and cats.

I am a vegetarian and enjoy growing trees, vegetables and plants from seed.

My interests lie in astronomy, meteorology, geology and biology.

In astronomy I am interested in dimensions, the speed of electromagnetic radiation in different density conditions, redshift, magnetism associated with rings of planets and stars, black holes and contracting galaxies and the expansion and contraction of the universe.

In meteorology, my interests lie in long-range hourly weather timing predictions through tidal forces for both convectional and cyclonic rainfall.

In geology, my interests are in the inorganic origin of oil, gas and coal, under reducing conditions, through hydrogen sulfide and water acting on carbon dioxide and calcareous formations. My chemical and thermodynamic equations to prove how this occurred have been published.

As a geologist, I delivered two peer reviewed presentations to prove the theory, one to the Association of Engineering and Environmental Geologists in 2008 (AEG). See, page 17.

The other was to The American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) in October 2009. See, page 94.

These publications include methods of carbon capture that help generate new energy and make carbon dioxide a reusable resource.

My other interests are in large-scale earthquake fault lines and the interaction between continental drift and past big meteorite impacts and the unrecognized planetary impact sites.

I enjoy growing my own vegetable and fruit crops and hope to be self-sufficient one day.

I hope that the world will one day all be vegetarians. I believe we can only truly respect our selves and the other animals if we do not see them as a food source. No human being likes the thought of being eaten by animals. Let us all stop raising domestic animals for food.

I would like to see the oil, gas and coal being recycled daily, so no carbon dioxide or other pollutants are released into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide can be reduced back to methane under reducing conditions.

Solar power should be stepped up in a huge way to create clean renewable energy for the world. Desalination of seawater by solar power is the long-term solution to our water needs and our food production. Education to limit global population growth is vital to have sustainable resources for the world and its animals. I hope one day to see the end of war as a profitable business.

I hope to provide solutions in a practical and academic fashion.

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