Regarding Ms. Cunningham (via NT2: Nec Temere, Nec Timide)

“Given all this, the attack on her was both ironic and disquieting.

It’s ironic because Cuomo is guilty of every “conflict” for which Schneiderman is now being accused.

It’s disquieting in that it’s another reminder of how far Cuomo can stray from the decent and honorable “happy warrior” persona to which we hoped he aspired. “

“Nobody wants to say it to Andrew or Joe, but it was a really shitty thing to do.”  That’s a person in the Cuomo camp talking about what happened to Jennifer Cunningham in the New York Post on Monday. The Post laid out Cunningham as the “queen of Albany lobbying” and said that it was a conflict of interest for her to work on the campaign of AG candidate Eric Schneiderman. The article is believed to have been engineered by Cuomo in an effort to ta … Read More

via NT2: Nec Temere, Nec Timide

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