Why I liked Flock Firefox better than Flock Chrome

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Ian Wilder: I should have known by the new Flock Chrome slogan that advertised it was it built for Twitter and Facebook users.  At first glance,  I didn’t think much of it since I am a regular twitter and fb user.  My wordpress posts are automatically broadcast to fb and tweeted.

Ah, there’s the rub.

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While Flock Firefox was a Swiss Army knife,  a multi-purpose social media tool; Flock Chrome is more of spoon meant to ladle up mostly tweets fb posts.

For a blogger like me, I found Flock Chrome’s usefulness to be limited.  The media bar is gone.  The cut and paste sidebar is gone.  And though I didn’t care for it much, the “press this” type blogging function is gone.

Furthermore, I found that Flock Chrome does not play nice with WordPress.com.   It is reminiscent of Microsft IE who also worked poorly with WordPress.  Could it be just a coincidence that both Google and Microsqiush both have a dog in the blogging game?  On the other hand, Firefox sings love songs to WordPress.

Now I know my other complaint is not going to get as mush sympathy.  Flock Chrome does not work well with Yahoo email.  Yes, I know email is passe.  And yes, I have have drastically cut my email usage down.  I have dropped many chattering listservs and email alerts by the wayside for heavier fb/twitter use and direct feeds.  But I am still an email power user.  Flock Firefox reminded me of Blackberry in its ability to pour in all my email.

Or maybe, this is mostly my fault.  As a mere Gen-X user, Firefox Flock often too had much going on for my attention span.  I left Flock unattended for too long, and she moved on to where she thought she was needed.

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