Go early to vote in primary: New machines are totally messed up!

Update: Election results for the 2010 Suffolk County primary are posted at the Suffolk County Board of Elections: here.

The group Election Protection has a hotline set up to help voters with questions or concerns on election day:
(Thanks to LoHud for the info)

KW: Reports from around NYC and Long Island show that the new voting machines are causing big problems. As Ian notes, it will probably delay results, because there will be many paper ballots.

(excerpt from) NY Daily News
Sen. Charles Schumer fumes after new voting system fails
at his local polling place in Brooklyn

By Celeste Katz
Tuesday, September 14th 2010, 10:51 AM

A voter wrote to me:

“Voted on Long Island, in Suffolk. Got to my polling place a few minutes after six. None of the new voting booths were working. Poll workers had no idea where to find the paper ballots that are supposed to be used for backup.

Watching the poll workers was like watching your grandparents try to work a VCR for the first time. They were all confused and yelling at each other. I was the second voter in my election district, and it took me 35 minutes to cast my ballot because they didn’t know what they should be doing. It’s a good thing they have 15 hours to try to figure it out.”


• “Massive machine failures out in Queens” in the 39th AD….

• “PS 143, PS 91, PS 149, PS 177, PS 89 no scanners working. Corona senior center down. Scanner eating ballots at PS 101 (this is a known problem with an easy fix).”

• “Just voted for Lazio, Berntsen and DioGuardi at AD44/ED79! But neither scanner accepted my ballot, so I had to cast an emergency ballot.”

We’ll be keeping track of this for you all day.”


LOL! This is what passes for amusement in the Wilder household:

One of the stories we found about messed up voting machines had the headline…

“3 voting machines repaired in NYC suburb” [Pelham] Story: here.

So, Mr. Ian says that we should write it up with the blog headline…

“The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3” (It’s a movie, see: here.)

NY Times story about messed up machines and polling places: here.
Story about voting machine problems in the lower Hudson Valley: here.

Video where political blogger predicts voting machine problems (and shows new machines):


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