Suffolk County 2010 Primary Election Results

2011 Primary Update:
For 2011 Primary Election Results,
see story and links at LI Politics: here.

NOVEMBER 2010 update: For a sample NY statewide ballot, with Governor and statewide races, go to Ballot Access News: here.

For election results for the 2010 primaries in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY, go to the Suffolk County Board of Elections results tally page: here.

For statewide coverage of the 2010 primaries in New York, go to the Albany Times Union political blog: here.

Some Results:

“Eric Schneiderman Edges Kathleen Rice In Hard-Fought AG [Attorney General/Democratic] Primary”
Story at Daily News: here.

1st Congressional Race/Republican Primary results from Suffolk BOE below. Story at The Patch: here.

ALTSCHULER, RANDY Republican 10,531 45.14% 45.14%
DEMOS, GEORGE G Republican 7,162 30.70% 30.70%
COX, CHRIS Republican 5,635 24.16% 24.16%

In the same race as above – 1st District Congress – for the Conservative Primary, there was some heat generated with an “Opportunity to Ballot”, and candidates endorsed by various right-wing media figures. It looks from the Suffolk County results that none of the write-ins could have won. Though, there have been complaints from one of the write-in campaigns about how voters were instructed. So, things may still be in flux? There is a very opinionated piece at Newsday about the write-ins here. (Ian notes that Newsday was not so keen on explaining the write-in process to voters.)

Candidate Party Votes Share
ALTSCHULER, RANDY Conservative 1,328 59.74% 59.74%
WRITE-IN, (Wrt) (WriteIn) 895 40.26% 40.26%

Judge’s Race in Islip: 5ht District Court Judge/Independence Primary:

Candidate Party Votes Share
CURRAN, ROBERT J Independence 135 56.96% 56.96%
GOGLAS, PHILIP Independence 102 43.04% 43.04%

(Robert Curran also appears to be the winner of the Democratic line in the 5th District Judge race.)

NY State Assembly, 10th District/Working Families Party
– An interesting result occurred. Many more write-ins than votes for the only candidate on the ballot. So, it will have to be seen whether a certain write-in won or not. John Capobianco is the Democratic candidate for this seat. (This district is very oddly shaped, it includes parts of Huntington and the present elected official is James D. Conte.)

WRITE IN, (Wrt) (WriteIn) 27 75.00% 75.00%
CAPOBIANCO, JOHN Working Families 9 25.00% 25.00%

NY State Assembly, 5th District/Democratic Primary. Incumbent NY State Assembly member Ginny Fields appears to have been defeated (still absentee ballots to count). Story at The Patch: here.

Candidate Party Votes Share
MANGAN, KENNETH J Democratic 1,491 53.35% 53.35%
FIELDS, GINNY A Democratic 1,304 46.65% 46.65%

As noted in Newsday: Ginny Fields still has the Independence and Working Families Party line. Ginny Fields has said she will run in the general election and win.

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