“Both parties/factions/sides are plainly to blame” (via BuelahMan’s Redstate Revolt)

Yes, many, if not most Tea Partiers are clueless. But they do have an anger. They know something is wrong, but they are so brainwashed by the system, thinking that they need to work within their right/left, liberal/conservative paradigm, that they (or any so-called “progressive”) could ever get anything done. They fall for all the bullshit. . . .

“To me, the fastest way to stop the tyranny is for us all to find some way to meet and realize that the system is beyond corrupt. For community to get together and rebel from the system. Stop voting R&D. Have community gardens and farmer’s markets, where-by we don’t have to participate in their poisoning of us. Boycott Big Box stores in mass and only buy from local vendors. Pull money out of their banks”

A dear friend wrote me this morning, sharing an article he read (and I appreciate the leads and input very much and he knows it). In this article by Jim Hightower, we find that that we need to be worried about the right-wing agenda and what a couple of Billionaire brothers are doing. My focus wasn’t on the article, so I won’t add any of it here (although it is worth the read, if you follow the link). My only real comment was that Mr Hightower see … Read More

via BuelahMan’s Redstate Revolt

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