Green Party candidate Jill Stein shines in CNN debate


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KW: Egads! I briefly reviewed several press stories about the CNN Massachusetts Governor debate with Green Party candidate Jill Stein included. What I found was that the reviews were mixed. Though, the journalists who criticized her basically slung arrows in superficial ways. Those who commented on the substance of Stein’s performance seemed to find it favorable. Excerpts from two positive stories below…

I enjoyed the (albeit brief) review of Jill Stein’s performance in the Worcester Telegram article. Also, the accompanying photograph –from the AP– had one of those lovely photos with all men in suits, and then a woman–Jill Stein–representing the Green Party.

(excerpt from)
The gloves come off
Candidates spar over taxes, spending

September 21, 2010

…Throughout the debate carried on three major Boston channels, those three candidates exchanged harsh criticisms while Green-Rainbow candidate Jill Stein stayed above the fray pushing her proposals for safer and healthier communities…

In a Suffolk University/News 7 poll released yesterday, which found that 65 percent of likely voters planned to watch the debate, Mr. Patrick got 41 [corrected] percent to Mr. Baker’s 34 percent, Mr. Cahill’s 14 percent and Ms. Stein’s 4 percent…

(excerpt from) Patriot Ledger
Gloves come off in key gubernatorial debate

September 21, 2010

…[Jill] Stein used her time at the podium to denounce the state’s emphasis on standardized testing and criticize Beacon Hill’s openness, saying “the public is basically locked out.” She proposed changes to open meeting and public records laws as she pitched herself as the only Beacon Hill outsider running.

The live debate, sponsored by the Boston Media Consortium, was broadcast on three television stations, two radio stations and estimated to reach at least 4 million voters statewide…

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