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“So, no matter who you affiliate yourself with – Democrats, Republicans, Green Party or Tea Party – you, as young people, NEED to get out there and vote. Make your voices heard. We have the power to remake this country into OUR vision for the future and take the monopoly on decision-making away from a generation of policy makers who gave us nothing but unwinnable wars and their closed-minded vision of the “good, old days”. The time is now for a new America, so get out there and change it.”

I'm busy and – quite frankly – after a long week of classes, I don't really feel like writing a whole lot at the moment. So, just a quick post today. Abbreviated though it may be, this post deals with an important issue: young voters. In 2008, the Presidential election was decided by the young vote. Enthusiasm for the election was off the charts and the election will go down in every American history book as a turning point for the United States. … Read More

via Commonplace Absurdities

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  1. Thanks a lot for the pingback, go green!

    – Mike

  2. Thanks for telling people to get involved.

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