A Tunnel to Everywhere

A Tunnel to Everywhere
by Camillo Mac Bica

Let us drill a tunnel to Afghanistan, Iraq,

and all the other places in the world

where our sons and daughters are in peril

and bring them home to safety,

one by one,

as the world watches and rejoices.

Let us drill a tunnel to everywhere

that children are in peril

and relieve their pain and suffering,

one by one,

as the world watches and rejoices.

Let us come together in mutual support and love,

acknowledge the sanctity of all that lives,

and realize that god is but the relation

of one consciousness to another.

And the world will watch in awe and wonder,

hold its collective breathe in excitement and anticipation,

and realize at last the insanity and futility

of violence and war.

And together we will rejoice

in the tranquility and peace

that has eluded us for so long,

and celebrate the triumph of reason

and the community of humankind.


©Camillo Mac Bica 2010. Used with permission.

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