Hofstra Debate: Link to full video, PLUS other great video and interesting news

Watch the Debate!
You can find the full video of the 2010  Hofstra, NY Governor Debate at YNN: here.
(Thanks to Chris Garvey for the link.)
[And, another, back up link on NY1: here]

Jimmy McMillan Creates A Stir!
An interesting update is that Yahoo has put Rent-Is-2-Damn-High candidate Jimmy McMillan on their front page. He did capture the audience’s attention. And, now he is creating a national buzz. Congrats to McMillan for bringing people’s attention to people who can’t even pay their rent. The story and video at Yahoo: here. And, a video montage of McMillan’s performance at the readmore/bottom of this post.

Go Green Party!
The Green Party Governor candidate, Howie Hawkins, articulated his vision well in his closing remarks. Video below.


Eek! People are calling for new debates without all the candidates

It appears from an article at Christian Science Monitor, that some people are using the theatrics of Jimmy McMillan as an excuse not to hold another fair, all-inclusive, NY Governor debate. Some folks want to use the excuse of the fun and merriment at the debate, to ask for a debate with only the Democratic candidate and Republican candidate. Below is my answer, and my creative solution, to having a debate where everyone feels heard:

<<<I was at the NY Governor debate at Hofstra. I think that there was more substance to it because all of the candidates were there. Yes, there were laughs. But, in between, the variety of voices helped bring issues out. I don’t think people should want to watch another conversation between two, powerful, white men, who want to run our state.

But, I do have a good and fair solution to holding the next debate in a “fair” way, multi-partisan and inclusive, with a little less laughter and distraction to one issue.

Hold a debate where every single ballot qualified is invited EXCEPT…say that this is like a championship, and “the winner” is given a prize and not included in the next round.

So, hold a six-way debate. Let Jimmy McMillan sit in the audience and make one hero’s welcome speech. And, offer as the prize to Jimmy McMillan that whoever gets elected Governor promises to sit down with him at least three times to let him advise on rent policy.

-Kimberly Wilder>>>

The Jimmy McMillan Experience!


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  2. The response of my friend and colleague Betty Wood to calls for another debate, without the third party candidates:

    I appreciated the debate with all the candidates. I learned something new about each of them. I want to know about ALL the choices from their own spoken words.

    I didn’t see any “crackpots” running, and only one single issue candidate, McMillan, who did a pretty good job of telling us that there are significant numbers of people who can’t afford housing. I doubt that the two anointed leaders are very much aware of that problem.

    Hawkins seems to have a really good handle on the issues with some refreshing ideas on how to solve them. I want to hear more from him.

    Barron, Redlich and Davis also presented themselves very well. In any case, I want to hear more from ALL the candidates in at least one more debate and I wouldn’t object to two more.

    I won’t watch a debate with only Cuomo and Paladino. It is grossly unfair to those who had to get more signatures to get on the ballot. I don’t support unfairness and I would boycott a two-candidate debate.

    Let’s have another 7-candidate debate!

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