Sen cand Clements (G-SC) releases magical new web video



Republican Senator Jim DeMint’s PAC the Senate Conservatives fund has funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars into Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell’s magical quest for the Senate while South Carolinians have heard next to nothing from their junior Senator this election year.

Today, the Clements for Senate campaign has released a web video challenging DeMint to return home from campaigning in other states and give his own constituents the chance to hear from him.

“We’re using the web video as a medium to poke a little fun at Senator DeMint and his protégé in Delaware,” said Clements, “but behind the smoke and mirrors is a very serious subject. South Carolina has one of the worst unemployment rates in the nation. Yet instead of working to bring jobs to South Carolina, DeMint is touring the country in an effort to assemble a band of ultra-conservative followers who will then be beholden to him. That may be a strategy that works for Jim DeMint, but it doesn’t work for South Carolinians.”

In the video, Clements asks voters to go to his website and sign the petition “demanding that Jim DeMint come back to South Carolina to debate me. You can also submit questions here that I will personally deliver to DeMint if he refuses to debate me, if I can find him. And that’s a promise.”

The direct link to the web video is:

For campaign information call 803-312-0055 or 803-381-4981; or visit Tom’s website at or

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