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The past four years of Democratic rule were a blown opportunity to control the politics of the US for a generation. The only force that stopped Democrats from creating millions of jobs, from ending the wars and bringing the troops home, from putting the banksters on a starvation diet, were elected Democrats themselves. By not fulfilling the mandate Democratic voters gave them in 2006 and 2008, Democratic party elected officials doomed themselves in 2010, and perhaps us too.

via Democrats Take A Deliberate Midterm Dive | Black Agenda Report.

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  1. It is truly sad that because we are so intent on labeling and taking sides, that all this means is that every politician on capital hill has turned this into a pissing match and has lost complete regard for the people of this country. They hide behind “party lines” to promote greed, poor intent and secret agendas. I’m wondering what it will take to get the citizens of this country to wake up and take back their government. The government should be in fear of US, not the other way around.

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