How do full body scanners make women feel?

Kimberly writes: Below is an excellent video to express how women feel when faced with the choice of full body scanners or having to have an aggressive pat down by TSA personnel at airports. I will not fly due to this horrible violation of human rights. Though, I know that my decision lets the human rights violating, overzealous bullies at Homeland Security and the TSA win on some level. (I do think that air travel will go into further decline.)

(I am having trouble getting the video to embed. If you don’t see it, link is here: )

Hat tip to Everywhereist Blog, where I found the video.

(And, in case you are wondering: The woman in the video can talk. In fact, she is a storyteller. Like many other people, her response to this humiliation includes speechlessness.)

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Kimberly! I felt WAY too much empathy for that girl. Panic attack at the airport? Check.

  2. Holding a sign high in the air that reads

    Bravo Nicole

    Great video and thanks for sharing it. I did a blog about thsi same subject matter a few days ago.



  3. Great video! I feel the same way. Flying has really sucked lately and its making me want to take the bus or train instead of an airplane. Even though an airplane is faster at least when I travel by bus or train I don’t have to get violated to board the train!

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