Yesterday’s Speedo Is Today’s Introduction…

It’s still a little early to see whether National Opt Out Day will affect the TSA screenings, or give a message to the Obama Adminstration and Homeland Security about Americans’ right to travel in dignity. Though, there is an interesting story about a meeting on Capitol Hill on Monday, which makes me think the politicians are nervous about the public reaction to the screenings. And, below is a cool video of someone who started the protest yesterday with a creative idea…


From the video description: “My friend Jimmy successfully navigated a TSA security checkpoint in a speedo swimsuit at the Salt Lake City International Airport on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 with the words, ‘SCREW BIG SIS’ written on his back.”

Editor’s note. Re: Big Sis

When I posted this video, I did not exactly understand the message on this young man’s back. I was thinking, “Who is Big Sis?”. And, I thought “Big Sis” meant something like Big Brother with technology, or Big Brother with a friendly face. Now, I have learned that “Big Sis” refers to Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano. I am not thrilled about nicknames in general, or the language of this specific message. Though, when someone like Ms. Napolitano has that high profile a job, and uses it to oppress Americans, and take away their civil liberties, I guess people have to do something to struggle against that person…]

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