Judiciary Committee Hearing on Wikileaks and electronic privacy…

KW: I will tell you that I am a little confused about what is going and where. So, please feel free to hunt down info for yourself. I believe that there is a hearing going on for Congresspeople now about Wikileaks. And, I think Nader is testifying. EFF – The Electronic Frontier Foundation – is tweeting. There are some links below:

Yesterday’s post and announcement at EFF: here.

Directions tweeted today:
EFF is tweeting the House Judiciary Committee’s #WikiLeaks hearing. Watch it here: https://eff.org/r.4vt #WLHearing

A tweet from today, which implies to me that Nader is speaking there? (But, I am not sure):
Nader: rushed or “stampeded” legislation always comes back to haunt its authors #wikileaks #WLhearing

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