135 arrested at White House, protesting war

Story at Democracy Now…

As the Afghan war review was released, an estimated 135 people were arrested outside the White House in an antiwar protest led by the group Veterans for Peace. The protesters were detained after chaining themselves to the White House fence…

Commentary by Ray McGovern, one of the arrested, at OpEd News:

Witness at the White House Fence

…On Thursday [December 16, 2010]…I stood pinned to the White House fence with Daniel Ellsberg, Chris Hedges, Margaret Flowers, Medea Benjamin, Coleen Rowley, Mike Ferner, Jodie Evans, and over 125 others risking arrest in an attempt to highlight the horrors of war.

The witness was sponsored by Veterans for Peace, a group comprised of many former soldiers who have “been there, done that” regarding war, distinguishing them from President Barack Obama who, like his predecessor, hasn’t a clue what war is really about…

Story about why there was so little press coverage:

Story at This Can’t Be Happening

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