What kind of Christmas Tree?: Real vs. artificial – political poll and ecology info

The political poll at the bottom of this post will tell you which third party folks prefer real Christmas trees..

A great chart about real Christmas trees vs. fake Christmas trees (with what appears to be some industry bias):
The National Christmas Tree Association article/chart on real v artificial trees

More comparisons at About.com:
Which Type of Christmas Tree is Better for Your Health and the Environment?

Environmental impact and decorating details at Monsters and Critics:
Have yourself an environmentally-friendly Christmas

(Don’t forget if you have a real tree, to find the local government site or charity who will accept it for recycling after the holidays.)

from AngusReid Public Opinion
Americans, Britons and Canadians Prefer Artificial Christmas Trees

Nearly one third of respondents in each country will not have a Christmas tree at home at all this year…

One third of artificial tree owners (33%) in Britain believe that it is the more ecologically friendly option, along with 33 per cent of synthetic tree owners in the U.S. and 39 per cent in Canada.

Political preferences are a telling indicator as to whether a respondent prefers a real or artificial tree. In the United States, 20 per cent of Republicans favour an authentic tree, while only 15 per cent of Democrats concur. In Canada, a quarter of respondents who voted for the Green Party in the last federal election (24%) choose a real tree, while 63 per cent of Conservative Party voters go for the imitation tree. In Britain, only 11 per cent of Labour Party voters choose a real tree—compared to 18 per cent of Conservatives and 15 per cent of Liberal Democrats.

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