The Wilders’ New Year’s Eve: Music by Tom Ryan

Ian and I are having a wonderful, peaceful New Year’s Eve. Below is a quick report with scenes from our evening and our Long Island universe:

We went to see our friend Tom Ryan perform at The Spoon cafe in Lindenhurst. (See video above or here.) Tom did a great set with covers and originals. Lots of hopeful songs for the New Year’s. And, Tom invited flute player Claire Kolensky to join him. So, Ian and I saw a new musician for the new year!

Tom Ryan and Claire Kolensky

Here’s me and Ian at The Spoon:

Happy New Years: Kimberly and Ian

Some events without photo documentation:

-Working hard on a poetry presentation we are doing tomorrow with Ian’s friend David Kirschenbaum.

-In addition to Tom and Maggie, ran into another PeaceSmiths friend at The Spoon.

-Coming home from The Spoon: Between the slats of a wooden fence, saw someone’s New Year’s Eve suburban bonfire. (Yes, that is very questionable smart and probably not legal…)

-Saw a lot of people carrying strange objects. Some of them were probably cases of alcohol.

-On a scale of “1 to 10”, as of 8:30pm, the drivers on the road were probably only an “8” for crazy. That is pretty good for a holiday.

-Saw one burst of fireworks, coming from near the water, south of Lindenhurst, around 8:30pm. Couldn’t capture any on photo. Darned. I think I hear some fireworks going off now, here in North Babylon (at 10:00pm).

On the way home, there was something happening with police cars and swirling lights on 27A, Montauk Highway, on the edge of Lindenhurst and West Babylon. I snapped a quick picture as we turned off the road to avoid the mess.

Montauk Highway on New Year's Eve

On a more whimsical note, we took a quick photo down the street in Babylon Village where the restaurants and bars are. It looked pretty busy:

Babylon Village: New Year

We love that one of our neighbors decorated with “Peace” for their Christmas lights:

Peace: A home in Babylon

Our courtyard — peaceful, but still covered with snow from the blizzard:

Happy New Year Snow

We were most proud that we were home safe on New Year’s Eve before 9pm. Mr. Ian is already resting on the couch. Our hope is to set the alarm, wake up around midnight, say “Happy New Year”, and go back to sleep…

Ian home early on New Year's Eve

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  1. Thanks for publishing this nice article about my New Year’s show at the Spoon. It was great to see you both!


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