Obama’s SOTU Speech Last Night…

For the full text of Obama’s 1/26/2011 SOTU speech, go to alternet: here.

Kimberly writes
: There were many ironies, horrors, and hypocrisies in President Obama’s speech last night. He said stuff that appalled me about: the economy; war; “clean” coal (ha! ha!); nuclear energy; and his ridiculous, right-wing approach to failing schools. He sometimes sounded like Ronald Reagan or Dan Quayle. There may have been actual quotes in there. Anyway, here are my overall thoughts from comments I wrote at the IPR blog. And, below that, the hypocritical line that stood out the most for me:

Kimberly Wilder’s overall comments on the 1/26/2011 State of the Union Speech:

To me, Obama’s speech last night, and his recent behavior, seem like a bumbling local Mayor, who decides to try to save the town by kissing up to the Chamber of Commerce.

People who care about politics care about war and peace, and genuine education, and a health care system. Obama was talking about percentages and numbers and nuts and bolts. And, he did that in between lying about how things are, and saying contradictory things, according to where he was in the speech…everything is great, so we should be proud, but everything will fall apart if we don’t implement these pre-formed policy packages I am trying to sell you.

Yeah, he was more used car salesmen than inspiring leader last night. I wonder if the Obama-lovers noticed that.

And, to say “simplifying the tax code” is to say nothing, without the details. It is absolute nothing.

Kimberly’s pull quote of the most twisted, nasty thing that Obama said last night:


And with that change, I call on all of our college campuses to open their doors
to our military recruiters and the ROTC. It is time to leave behind the divisive
battles of the past. It is time to move forward as one nation.

End Quote

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  1. Pretty much my reaction, and I only caught a few minutes around 10 PM while trying to find a weather update. Indeed, I caught that line about military recruiters and how great the military was and that’s when I decided enough BS and pandering was enough, and I turned it off. NOTHING BHO says anymore surprises me, and I don’t expect anything from him, and never did.

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