Video: Will Ralph Nader run for Prez in 2012?

Hat/Tip to Independent Political Report for this Ralph Nader update:

[youtube=]The short answer, IPR notes is: “In regards to a possible 2012 presidential run, Nader says he is looking for another progressive candidate to get behind, but has not yet decided whether he will run himself again if he can’t find one that is willing and suitable.”

Here is a video from July 2007, to compare to Ralph Nader’s statements and positioning in the lead-up to the 2008 race, when he did run for President, on an independent line:


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  1. Ralph Nader is a noble, compassionate & honest politician- an oxymoron in modern polytricks (politics).
    This 2-party dictatorship is rigged to systematically undermine & ignore any 3rd party candidates… I Think that’s why Ron Paul starting running as a Republican some years ago. He used to run as an Independent Libertarian, but he found out first-hand just how corrupted the election system really is.
    He’s an old-school, Liberty-minded Republican- which is about the opposite of Neo-Con’s like the Bushes- so he’s not betraying his Libertarian roots at all.

    Any well-informed person who doesn’t solely depend on mainstream news for info knows that Ron Paul has a very good chance of winning the election- so long as we can expose &/or counter the inevitable election fraud. For the proof that they do cheat, watch “Hacking Democracy”. It’s uploaded to most video sites. Also, read “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” by Greg Palast to understand the intricate details of how Bush stole the 2000 election… That’s not to say Al Gore would have been any better- they’re both corporatist puppets- it’s just that these elitist control-freaks often fight amongst themselves. That’s their psychopathic, reptilian nature…

    It’s nigh time for the People to Awaken from their chemical/propaganda-induced slumber and start facing the conspiracy FACTS- not “theories”- behind the plight of the Human condition…
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