Stalling charity contributions?

If you have any experience with your donation being blocked, or a charity you know being blocked, please do comment below.

KW: I find this situation interesting. Wonder if someone should look into it for potential problems or background problems?

Last night, my husband tried to donate to an environmental charity on-line. He tried with two credit cards, on-line. Neither way worked. Finally, he gave up.


In the morning, his bank called to ask him about unusual activity.

My husband reports that the bank told him there is a “block” on “all charities”, due to a current Red Cross scam.

Some thoughts we had:

-Could this be a way to slow funds to the Middle East revolutions?

-Could this be a response to Wikileaks?

-Is this coming from one bank, many banks, and/or a government directive to banks?

We look forward to hearing more information from our readers and/or the various charities we contacted about the situation. We will posts any updates or further information.

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