Why do we use Google?

Kimberly writes: What the heck is with the new “Google Beta”? My experience with it, is that instead of seeing all the google-functions I use – like “Google news” and “Google blog search”, I just see “Google – beta” and a button that says “go to Google Classic” — but, it does not take me to Google classic.

Then, try to get in touch with Google. I mean, I am not asking to speak to a real, live human being. But, just an e-mail that is a complaint box, where I could pretend to myself that someone is hearing my rant, or, maybe even just sorting for similar problems. If you try to contact google by phone with a question or kind of “customer service”, you get nothing. They only want to deal with what they want to deal with – name removal and site submittals and things.

Why do we use these big corporations? Why do I want to deal with someone who won’t even take my complaint – in writing or on the phone.

I have to figure out how to set my home page differently.

Open to ideas in the comments for other search engines.

At Wikipedia, they have a list of search engines:
Long list of search engines

Dogpile (I have used this before, it works okay)

Bing (I never tried this one) (Bing is Microsoft, as per our techie commenter)

Duck Duck Go (Never tried it, found on Wikipedia list)

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  1. Dagnabbed new fangled technology.

    You might like DuckDuckgo better. They don’t collect searches and other info, and they have a “Feedback” button right on the page.

    They us crowd sourced info and Yahoo! and Bing.

    Searches seem O.K.

    Bing is Microsoft, BTW.

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  3. it was very nice

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