What if Your President’s Just Not That Into You?

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IW:  I respect Bill McKibben a great deal, but like a lot of liberals he fooled himself over Obama.  I have grown tired of hearing them say I thought he was just saying those horrible thing about [war, clean coal, safe nuclear, bailouts, civil liberties, pick a subject], but I just figured he was saying those thing to get elected.  Face it Bill, you are an enabler.  Your name is Bill M, and you are an Obama-holic.

The first thing: those of us in the environmental movement aren’t high school sophomores feeling jilted by their first crush. Most of us liked Obama a lot: I was among the first green leaders to join upon ‘Environmentalists for Obama,’ back when he seemed a longshot. It wasn’t because I thought he would solve every problem; it’s because I thought he’d make climate change one of the top two priorities of his presidency. And he thought so too: on the day in June of 2008 when he finally clinched the nomination he said that people would someday look back and say “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

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