Celebrations and protests of the royal wedding…

For folks who want to complain about the royal wedding, or listen to the concerns of (English) Republicans, I found an interesting article at the Guardian UK. It also points to the “Salford Star” as a place to find anti-wedding messages (and the comment feed from the Salford Star is quite cranky…)

(excerpt from) The Guardian UK
Royal wedding: How the nation celebrated
Northumberland naturist weddings, zombie spoof celebrations, a current bun war and an power cut near Windsor Castle

…Of the hundreds of spoof events, the alternative zombie royal wedding at Collyhurst in Manchester took the biscuit…

…Salford, soon to be the BBC’s second home, hosted an Off With their Heads event at Islington Mill, whose name is the down-to-earth city’s sole concession to fashionable London. It was one of Five Salford Ways to Avoid the Royal Wedding advertised by the radical local Salford Star…

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