The PeaceSmiths archives on Lunch with Bill

From the PeaceSmiths archives: Flier by artist Gary Ivan

PeaceSmiths, Inc. — an organization that Ian and I have supported over the years — has a wonderful, inspiring, historical, and mostly untapped archive. There are audio tapes, video tapes, protest posters, hand drawn fliers, and notes on organizing, going back to the 1970’s. Many of the items were collected by Katharine Smith and/or Susan June Blake.

We are so excited that Bill McNulty is taking the time to share some items from the PeaceSmiths archives on his “Lunch on Thursdays” radio show on WUSB. It’s always informative to tune in to Bill’s thoughts on war, peace, activism, and politics. Thursdays from 11am to 1pm on WUSB Stony Brook, NY 90.1FM. And, now, you can often catch a glimpse of the PeaceSmiths archives at the end of Bill’s show.

Also, please consider perusing some of the archives which have been posted on line,  at the PeaceSmiths website and some samples below…

PeaceSmiths, Inc. is a Long Island, nonprofit organization dedicated to peace, justice and the environment. Please consider supporting PeaceSmiths’ projects and archives by becoming a member and/or making a donation. Info at the PeaceSmiths website.

Kimberly Wilder
PeaceSmiths volunteer

More from the archives:

A handwritten note from “K” (probably Katharine Smith): “I made a copy of Gandhi’s ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ see page 7. A good thing to keep under one’s pillow. K.”

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  1. What a sad state of affairs. Barack Obama tells the world last night that the Afghanistan War will continue until at least 2014 and you can’t even weigh in. When Bush was president, I don’t seem to recall the Wilders being silent. The peace movement is so pathetic today and it’s because who refuse to call out the War Hawk in Chief keeping us in these wars.

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