TSA sinks to new low: Inspects adult diaper of 95 year-old cancer patient

(excerpt from) The Daily News
TSA checks grandma’s ‘Depends’
Last Updated: 7:10 AM, June 27, 2011

Transportation Safety Administration screeners in Florida forced a 95-year-old cancer patient in a wheelchair to remove her adult diaper so it could be inspected, it was reported yesterday…

Kimberly writes: Homeland security, the TSA, and citizens who believe that these measures are helpful, all need to wake up. At some point, our government has to stop harassing the innocent people and chasing goblins, and realize that an important measure of public safety is ending wars and creating justice in the universe. We can’t escape blow-back violence by using security measures that create a kind of low-level violence and oppression against our own citizens — our own grandparents and grandchildren.

America needs a Karma check: End the wars. Stop propping up violent regimes. Close the School of Americas/WHINSEC. Then, we won’t have to be afraid of 3-year-olds and 95-year-olds traveling to see their families. When we end the wars and fix our karma, the chances will be very slim that anyone will want to blow up a plane that we are traveling on.

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