Obama Speaking on Economy & Deaths Now

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IW:   Just got a call that Obama is making a speech about the economy (and maybe the 30 Americans who died in Afghanistan.)  He is singing the same song.  He continually refuses to address that our economy is going down the toilet because he has expanded the bad wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to include Yemen, Pakistan, & Libya, which is costing us Trillions of wasted dollars.

His speech is about the S&P rating garbage. S&P had a tantrum because after their fraud helped cause the mortgage crisis, the government pretended to regulate them a little more.  S&P wanted the government to cut Medicare and social Security.  But they would not mention cutting the runaway wars.  neither will obama or the congress.  that’s why we need Greens in Congress.  To speak out about the things that bi-partisanship is screwing us over like TARP funds and the useless wars.

Now he is talking about the 30 Americans who died in Afghanistan.  he should have taken personal responsibility.  They died because he not only refused to end that useless war, but expanded it.

Now can I do more important things than listen to his useless speech, like eat lunch and do laundry?

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