Occupy Wall Street: Some fakers and confusion

When you start getting attention and winning, of course, the 1% will try to smack you down.

So, far there have been two very bold attempts to co-opt the Occupy Wall Street message:

Someone on an “attack the liberals” kind of website posted a document claiming to be 13 demands made by Occupy Wall Street. One of those fake demands is for minimum wage to be $20. I have never seen a document like that on any of the official Occupy Wall Street sites. And, I have never heard of any of my activist, progressive, liberal, or occupation colleagues name twenty dollars as a number for minimum wage. I have heard $9 or $10 as a “living wage”, but nothing much different than that.

In fact, there have been two big announcements with genuine Occupy Wall Street demands and grievances, posted on the official Occupy Wall Street NYC General Assembly website. One has about 11 items listed as “one demand” and the other has about 22 grievances. You can see the text of those documents: here.

Secondly, someone has created a website and a political party using the word “occupy”. And, it speaks about the 1% and the 99%. That was a quick effort to try to impersonate success, and interfere with a strong, positive, nonpartisan, energy.

Here is the message about that fake party from the OFFICIAL occupywallst.org website:

This Site Has Nothing To Do With Us
Posted Oct. 6, 2011, 11:48 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt


We are not a political institution.


PS Jeffrey Sachs is a world renowned economist. He just spoke at Liberty Square/Zucotti Park, and said he was with them and would help them.

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