Occupy Alert: San Diego evicted…will regather Friday afternoon

Update: For an automatic “eviction alert” or “occupy alert” from Occupy Wall Street/NYC if they face eviction, see the numbers and text strategy: here.

It is difficult to keep up with all the activity, considering there are so many occupations around the country. I will do my best to post important news that comes to my attention. Though, I admit, I just can’t keep up!

Last night, Occupy San Diego was evicted. There were 50 arrests. Police confiscated food and supplies. (That just seems mean! But, we can replace them. Donate to your favorite occupies!)

Here is a story at the LA Times: here.

At Occupy San Diego, they ask you to support local news. So, you can follow events at Ocean Beach Rag: here.

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  1. Wall Street Corporations don’t make anything. They don’t produce anything. They gamble and bet and speculate. And when they lose vast sums they raid the U.S. Treasury so they can go back and do it again. Never mind that $50 trillion in global wealth was erased between September 2007 and March 2009, including $7 trillion in the U.S. stock market and $6 trillion in the housing market. Never mind that the total amount of retirement and household wealth trashed was $7.5 trillion or that we saw $2 trillion in 401(k)s and individual retirement accounts evaporate. Never mind the $1.9 trillion in traditional defined-benefit plans and the $2.6 trillion in nonpension assets that went up in smoke. Never mind the job losses, the foreclosures and the 35 percent jump in personal and small-business bankruptcies. There are bundles of new money, taken again from us, to make deals and hand out outrageous bonuses. And when these trillions run out they will come back for more until our currency becomes junk

  2. Oligarchy is political power based on economic power. And it’s the rise of the Wall Street in economic terms, that it’d turn into political power. And Wall Street then feed that back into more deregulation, more opportunities to go out and take reckless risks and– and capture huge amounts of money. The American democracy was not given to us on a platter. It is not ours for all time, irrespective of our efforts. Either people organize and they find political leadership to take this on, or we are going to be in big trouble. That’s absolutely the heart of the problem. I would also say and tell you, and emphasize, these Wall Street people will not come out and debate with us. The heads of Wall Street or their representatives, they will not come out. They’re afraid. They don’t have the substance. They don’t have the arguments. We have the evidence. They have the lobbyists. And that’s all they have.
    –Nalliah Thayabharan

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