Election day is next week! Links for Long Island election info

Kimberly at the Suffolk BOE 11/08/2010

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2011.

Basic Suffolk County info at The Suffolk County Board of Elections: here.

Basic Nassau county info at The Nassau County Board of Elections: here.

Look up and “build” your own, personalized ballot, for local races at
The League  of Women Voters: here.

Our onthewilderside post with ideas and opinion pieces about
Occupy Wall Street and Election Day 2011: here

KW writes: Onthewilderside has always been a source for election information. We believe strongly in democracy, so we have always valued the right and responsibilities of voting. We will definitely provide basic voter information for Suffolk County and Nassau County on our site.

Though, I have to say, lately, I have seem more action towards social change, public discussion, decision-making, and justice happening with the occupy movements, than I ever saw with any political campaigns.


I am not focused too much on any political campaign right now. And, in the big race here — Suffolk County Executive — I really don’t care which one of the entrenched, politicos wins.

But, if everyone who cares about justice and equality just stays home, that could backfire, too. So, my idea is this: If you know in a race that there is an excellent, independent, third party, or otherwise distinguished candidate, vote for them. Otherwise, take the empowerment of the occupy movement and make a stand. Do a write-in. If you want it to be physically counted by the Board of Elections, put in the name of someone in that district (you, or anyone living in our home would do!). Though, someone at the Board of Elections will at least see it if you write anything. So, write-in “Occupy” or “Peace” or “99%”. You could even write in the slogan on that sign you are carrying!

It is November 7, 2011, the day before Election Day 2011. We have not seen any specific endorsements or recommendations from Occupy Wall Street or the wider occupy movement. Though, we have a post with opinion pieces, and Kimberly’s personal recommendation: here. And, you can check out the official webpage and see what you find at The New York City General Assembly: here.

(PS – Thanks to Zabby of WUSB and PATV for the reminder about Election Day!)



Q: When is Election Day 2011 in the United States?

Election Day is the eighth day of November, 2011.

Election Day 2011 is Tuesday, November 8th.

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