Thursday morning: Police make arrests in Norfolk around 9am, and more activity around 10:30am

Please consider following this on the Live Stream, so you can be a witness for democracy. Live Stream: here

Also, you could call local officials and ask them to allow the occupation AND be compassionate to any protesters they encounter:

Norfolk Chief of Police  757-664-3277

Norfolk Mayor  757-664-4679

(excerpt from) Hampton Roads local press
Arrests made as police disband Occupy Norfolk campsite
Posted to: News Norfolk

Police have arrested six protesters this morning while disbanding the Occupy Norfolk campsite at Commercial Place downtown.

Shortly after 9 a.m., two people were placed into handcuffs as protesters shouted at officers who would not allow them back into the park after 9 a.m. It was unclear when the other four were arrested.

All six were taken to the jail and issued summonses, said Chris Amos, police spokesman…

Full story and photo: here.

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