Occupy Wall Street: N17 Evening update

You can watch live updates at OccupyWallSt.org: here.

A sampling…

8:40 pm: Overheard near Brooklyn Bridge – NYPD officer to another “Whaddaya say we occupy the van?” from @theother99
8:23 pm: There is now a people’s library, a marching band and a projector on the Brooklyn Bridge, according to @occupywallst people on the ground.
8:00 pm: City councilor Jumaane Williams may have been arrested at the foot of Brooklyn Bridge
7:54 pm: General assembly held at 8 at the Korean War Memorial Park, just past Brooklyn Bridge.
7:52 pm: From @John Harkinson, thousands of people with music, signs, honks of support. Everything peaceful.
7:30 pm: The column marching on Brooklyn bridge stretches about a mile long. From http://www.emergencystream.com/video_streams/NY/NYC3/a.html
7:09 pm: A Light Show on Brooklyn Bridge is projecting “Occupy Earth – we are winning” on the side of the Verizon Building. Followed by “Happy Birthday OccupywallstNYC” Reported by @occupywallst
7:06 pm: Police scanners estimate the crowd at 32,650 people. Reported by @jstetser


Elsewhere…on Long Island…Occupy Patchogue…

Occupy Patchogue: N17

Note: Ian and I joined folks in Patchogue to keep up the local, occupy presence on this important day. The report from #N17 for Occupy Patchogue: 4 vigilers, plus one passerby who stopped, talked, and Mic Checked part of the Declaration. Some passer-bys supportive. One couple even told us about stuff happening on the Brooklyn Bridge.

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