NY, Don’t Get Suckered by a Fracking Distraction in NJ

Delaware river watershed

Delaware river watershed

IW:  I was at an environmental meeting tonight and people were talking about an urgent meeting we all had to go to tomorrow in New Jersey to prevent fracking in New York.  None of them seemed to understand what the meeting was about, but insisted it was the way to stop fracking in NY.  I tried to explain to one of them that she was wrong, and that the key to stopping fracking in NY was forcing Governor Cuomo to reverse the decision to frack everything except the NYC and Syracuse watershed.  she kept interupting me, and telling me that she knew all of taht, and that this tri-state meeting — whatever it was — was more important.

Wrong on all counts

  1. the meeting is cancelled for tomorrow.
  2. The meeting is for the Delaware River Basin so it only covers a small part of New York
  3. One of the reasons it is cancelled is because NY was going to vote “No”.  why? Because the deal is cut to protect NYC’s watershed which the Delware River Water Basin includes.
  4. Fracking will never be approved in the Delaware River Basin because it will not be allowede in the NYC Watershed.
  5. The only way to stop in NY is to concentrate in NY’s Governor Andrew Cuomo.  Travelling to NJ will never stop fracking in NY.  Just like I said before the 2010 elections,  all corporate politicians like Cuomo care about are votes and dollars.  Let him know that you will only  contribute and vote for a candidate who will ban fracking in all of NY, and you will get his attention


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