200 arrested at Occupy LA

It is always helpful to go to the source when our colleagues face hardship. Here is the website for Occupy LA, to keep posted, and find action alerts: www.occupylosangeles.org/

It is often interesting to see coverage from sources outside the United States. The Guardian UK has been closely covering the occupations. Though, I found their coverage of Occupy LA today to be less fair than usual. Russia Today has been in the thick of things. Here is an excerpt from their story today…

(excerpt from) Russia Today
Occupy LA camp raided, cops arrest over 200 (PHOTOS)
November 30, 2011

The Los Angeles police chief says more than 200 Occupy LA protesters were arrested as over a thousand officers moved in to dismantle the Occupy LA City Hall Camp. A similar encampment in Philadelphia have been cleaned early hours on Wednesday.

­Messages on Twitter suggest 10 to 15 people have been arrested in Philadelphia and one person has been sent to hospital as police on horses apparently trampled peaceful protesters.. Messages also suggest police using extreme measures to silence the movement while protesters remain non-violent…

So, concerns about police abuse in Philadelphia, as well. Go to Occupy Philly, in person, or check out the OccupyPhilly website here to support!

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