NY Parents and Children Rally Against Bullying

Children at Occupy Wall StreetNY Parents & Children Rally Against NYPD Bullies
March in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

This Saturday [Today, December 10, 2011], Parents for Occupy Wall Street will march with our children from Union Square to City Hall Park to deliver a “stop bullying” message to NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and his boss, Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  This event will mark International Human Rights Day. The children will place 5,000 paper hearts, one for each peaceful protester arrested nationwide over the past three months, in the center of the park.

WHEN/WHERE: Saturday, December 10th, in Union Square at 11 AM, the children will hold a General Assembly, and paint the paper hearts.  At 12:30pm, we will march down Broadway to Foley Sq. (State Supreme Court) and then to City Hall Park, arriving at approximately 2 PM.

“We teach our children at home and in schools that bullying is wrong,” said Mark Hamilton of Parents for Occupy Wall St. “The violence by some in the NYPD against peaceful protesters is confusing our children; we are left to explain unprofessional and inexcusable actions.”

“As proud New Yorkers, we’ve watched in disbelief as some of New York’s finest have stepped above the law and used excessive force against citizens,” said Kirby Desmarais, who organized a slumber party at Liberty Square in October. “New York is not a police state and we stand against this misconduct.”

Parents for Occupy Wall Street is a community of parents and organizations who support Occupy Wall Street. #POWS encourages all parents to stand united and march with their families, joining occupiers, students, unions and New Yorkers of all walks of life, to demand that our law enforcement officers act appropriately and responsibly when serving their public.

For more info: visit the Facebook Event Page: http://on.fb.me/taC6i1 or our site www.parentsforoccupywallst.com, and follow us on Twitter: @ParentsForOWS

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