Occupy Updates: Places to find news on West Coast Port Shutdown & NYC GS Squid Event

12/12 update at 8pmish EST:
About 2,000 occupiers march in Portland
Live Updates at Mercury News: here.

12/12 Late afternoon update:
Ports shut down from California, USA to Vancouver, Canada.
Story at Boston.com/AP: here.

Houston, Texas at about 4pm EST:
Stuff is happening at Occupy Houston. I believe that the police have used tents to hide their actions while arresting. Please consider being an eye-witness. Live Streaming of Texas (in solidarity) at an NYC Livestream: WATCH HOUSTON – here.


Occupy Portland

The initiating group for the Coordinated West Coast Port Shut Down today was Occupy Portland.
Occupy Portland (Oregon) Live Blog:
Live Streaming at Portland:
Monitoring police movements towards demonstrators and…
Song, “Dashing Through The Snow” as a “Capitalist Carol” — “Let’s make sure that Christmas is a business like affair”


Long Beach

Rumor on the LiveStreams that the port in Long Beach (Los Angeles, CA)  has been shut down.


New York City: Squidding Goldman Sachs

New York City: LIVE
Goldman Sachs Squidding demo, police interactions, on LiveStream now:

PADDY WAGON REPORT 11:59am – LOL! Some people were livestreaming, with their plastic handcuffs on, from inside an NYPD Paddy Wagon! I think they got stopped now. But, they are showing clips from the coverage. It was great! They were mic checking in solidarity: http://www.livestream.com/occupynyc

Several people were arrested, including many media-related people.

In NYC, several hundred Occupy Wall Street protesters are outside Goldman Sachs “squidding”. Story at Gothamist: here.

Someone writes on the Live Stream comments that they are at the World Financial Center in NYC (not a direct Goldman Sachs building).


More info and links on Goldman Sachs, and on “squidding”:

Wilderside post: Goldman Sachs Rules The World (3 stories)

Occupy Post about squidding event, with background: here.


Occupy Oakland

an Occupy Oakland Live Stream
recommended at The Guardian UK



Early in the day news story with list of key ports at RT: here.

12/12 12:20 EST update at MSBNC: here – Success shutting down and slowing down ports!

The occupy protesters message to police, as conveyed in the AP story:
“Protesters said police crackdowns in any city will trigger an extension of blockades in other cities as a show of resolve.” – Boston.com/AP

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  2. […] Occupy Updates: Places to find news on West Coast Port Shutdown & NYC GS Squid Event (www.onthewilderside.com) […]

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