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New Year’s Eve with OWS: Please watch NYC protesters and/or keep them in your thoughts

Update New Year’s Eve at 11:47pm EST:
If you can get to Zuccotti Park/Liberty Square, please go now!
There are about two thousand protesters. The police are steering them and using barricades. But, the occupiers are getting brave and overturning barricades. They may have a big win. Please support by watching on-line or going in person!

Occupy Wall Street folks have decided to gather in New York City this evening. They have spent some time at Zuccotti Park. Though, they are also wandering around the city doing actions such as yelling support messages to folks in jail (through the People’s Mic — Mic Check!)

One place to keep up with Occupy Wall Street is this website: www.occupywallst.org I found good updates there tonight. Though, a Live Stream they linked to before has since gone off-line.

As of 9:57pm: LIVE NOW from NYC occupiers: here.

As of 9:57pm in and out: Streaming LIVE NOW from NYC is the following Live Stream: OccupyWallStNYC Please watch your fellow 99%ers. The police are following them around, so holding vigil with them on-line would be very helpful.

Chant from this evening: “We are unstoppable: Another world is possible!”

At the readmore are updates from tonight, New Year’s Eve 2011/2012, that I found at occupwallst.org:

Live Updates from the Ground:

12:45pm EST: Thousands still in the Square, as a march leaves Liberty. Headed down Broadway, police moving in pursuit.
12:40pm EST: The party continues at Liberty. Cops have backed down for now. The barricades are twinkling, after Occupiers hung lights across the pile that was taken down.
12:00pm EST: Happy New Year from OCCUPIED Liberty Square! Thousands are already here. JOIN US!
11:50pm EST: NYPD riot cops, with batons drawn, mobilizing in formation. Some police mounted on horses seen. More barricades still being taken down, piled in the center of the park.
11:30pm EST: The party continues on top of “Liberty Mountain” (the pile of barricades). More pics here.
11:20pm EST: Police have mostly lost control of the area. Pictures of barricade pile continuing to grow around Liberty Square as Occupiers continue to clear them from the sidewalks on all sides of the park.
11:10pm EST: Medics tending to pepper spray victims. At least a few were directly sprayed, others hit indirectly. Meanwhile, the People’s Kitchen is back open in Liberty Square! Also, mainstream media is reporting that Dept. of Homeland Security has been seen on the ground near Liberty.
11:05pm EST: More police brutality reported. Cops shove barricade into protesters face, use of! pepper spray by NYPD confirmed. From NYC_GA Twitter: “Bloodied protester being dragged away by #NYPD”
11:00pm EST: More police vehicles showing up. On south side, protesters have removed barricades, piled them together, and are dancing on top of them! Huge crowd in the park. Reports of pepper spray being used by police.
10:55pm EST: The People’s Library has returned to Liberty Square! [Picture here.]
10:45pm EST: Protesters are now being aggressively moved into Liberty Square and surrounded by police, who are setting up more barricades around the park. From Twitter: “Cops are swarming liberty square, tearing down their own barricade in their pursuit of protesters. People are being forced back in the park (#irony)”
10:40pm EST: Several groups of Occupiers are on the move around lower Manhattan. More arrests seen on livestream. The barricades around Liberty Square have been torn down by protesters; Occupiers are inside. OWS New York is taking back our home!
10:20pm EST: More arrests of protesters. At least four confirmed.
10:10pm EST: NYPD has blocked off intersection of Bowery & Canal and are racing to catch up to the march.
10:00pm EST: Police show up at anti-prison march, protesters continue to march with banners and chanting “Occupy Wall Street is in town, tear the prisons to the ground!'” Unconfirmed reports of at least one arrest.
9:30pm EST: Meanwhile in Boston, the 99% “Bat Signal” returns!
9:50pm EST: Anti-prison rally making tons of noise with horns, drums, wishes, and chanting. Now taking to the streets, headed to Liberty. Photo from Twitter
9:20pm EST: Protesters have begun to assemble at the Noise Demo outside the Manhattan jail, making speeches to prisoners using the people’s mic.
9:00pm EST: Four year old, under threat of arrest, hands over tent to Bloomberg’s publicly funded private army. American flag not let into Liberty Square, under pretense that the flagpole was a weapon.
8:45pm EST: Some Occupiers have been jumping the NYPD barricades around Liberty Square. A discussion was heard via mic check between the NYPD and the mom and children with the tent. Brookfield Properties security seen carrying away the tiny tent.
8:00pm EST: After Occupiers began a General Assembly in Liberty Square, NYPD closed off access to the park claiming rule violations because some people (including children) set up a “toy-sized” (via Newyorkist) tent. Protesters are now marching around Liberty Park and chanting “All Day, All Week, Occupy Wall Street!”
What about Occupy Long Island?

I do not believe that Occupy Long Island, or the local occupies on Long Island, had big plans for New Year’s Eve. Though, I did see someone suggesting going in small groups to NYC Times Square and bringing signs to the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop festivities. So, maybe you will see pockets of occupiers among the revelers at Times Square? Look carefully…is that a 2012 hat? Or, is it a 99% hat? The photo below of 99% hats are from a few weeks ago at Occupy Broadway!


Folks in 99% Hats


Q: Will Occupy Wall Street be at the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop?

A: I have not heard any plans like that. It seems that instead, they will gather at Zuccotti Park/Liberty Square on New Year’s Eve, and wander the nearby streets in jail solidarity actions.

Q: What are Occupy Wall Street folks in NYC doing for New Year’s.

A: See above. Also, check out the following websites for updates and calendars: www.occupywallst.org or www.nycga.net

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