Does fracking cause earthquakes?: Expert in Ohio says, yes.

KW writes: I hope that with this admission from Ohio that fracking literally shakes the earth under our homes and feet, more folks in New York will struggle against fracking. I wonder how many people previously believed that man-made activity could cause earthquakes? This is eye-opening news. See links to fracking info for New York and other states at the read more.

(excerpt from) Reuters
Ohio earthquake was not a natural event, expert says
by Kim Palmer / Tue Jan 3, 2012

(Reuters) – A 4.0 magnitude earthquake in Ohio on New Year’s Eve did not occur naturally and may have been caused by high-pressure liquid injection related to oil and gas exploration and production, an expert hired by the state of Ohio said on Tuesday.

Ohio’s Department of Natural Resources on Sunday suspended operations at five deep well sites in Youngstown, Ohio, where the injection of water was taking place, while they evaluate seismological data from a rare quake in the area.

The wells are about 9,000 feet deep and are used to dispose of water from oil and gas wells. The process is related to fracking, the controversial injection of chemical-laced water and sand into rock to release oil and gas. Critics say that the high pressure injection of the liquid causes seismic activity…

There is info about the hazards of fracking
at here

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