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For the latest in Valentine’s Day gifts, try a vintage piece of jewelry from our family company Wilderside Ltd.’s newest enterprise.  Book listings are below.  Click “more”

Rose: A drawing

When I was seeking a life partner I knew I wanted someone who was both passionate and compassionate. Someone who cared deeply and broadly.  I was lucky enough to find someone who would stop to play flute for a group of strangers to calm them after there was a fire at their nursing home.

This project is our way of caring deeply and broadly about humanity.  It is our daily Valentine to the world.  One way we show our love is in how we engage in mercantile transactions, what we call compassionate shopping.  We want to share with you places we have found where our dollars feed our values.

One of those place is Powells bookstore.  Why a bookstore for Valentine’s Day?  Since it’s invention, language has been an expression of love.   Visit Powells.comWhat makes buying these books from Powells an act of compassionate shopping?  They are all being sold through  Powells is a socially responsibleenvironmentally conscious,union bookstore.

From Powells, we present a collection of books for everyone’s Valentine’s Day:

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