Green Party Prez Primary Update 2/13/12

Jill Stein

Jill Stein

Statewide Green conventions and caucus begin in Ohio, Minnesota, Maine, Illinois; more Green presidential campaign and ballot access news

First counts place Jill Stein in the lead; Green presidential questionnaires are now online: responses from Roseanne Barr, Stein on top issues and campaign plans

Green Parties in several states across the US have begun to choose Green presidential candidates and apportion delegates for the Green National Convention in Baltimore, Md., July 12 to 15 (

Two candidates,  Jill Stein and Roseanne Barr, have fulfilled Green Party requirements to compete for the nomination, although other candidates are on the ballot in some states. 

Green presidential candidate Jill Stein was the winner at the state convention of the Ohio Green Party on Saturday, Feb. 4 ( Dr. Stein drew 90% of the vote in a four-way race in which Roseanne Barr, Kent Mesplay, and Harley Mikkelson were also on the ballot. The convention met in Columbus to select delegates to be sent to the Green National Convention.

The Ohio Green Party’s presidential preference vote was the nation’s first. The second was Minnesota, where the Green Party held caucuses on Tuesday, Feb. 7 ( The results are still being counted, but Dr. Stein won a straw poll in Minnesota with 92 out of 165 votes (

Green-Independent Party of Maine is holding a series of caucuses throughout the state, with caucuses already taking place Jan. 14 and 25 and Feb. 4 and 11 ( /

The Illinois Green Party is using an online primary ballot. Voting began on Saturday, Feb. 11 and continues throug Feb 19 (

The Green Party’s state affiliates will continue participating in primary elections or holding statewide conventions and caucuses during the next few months in preparation for the Baltimore convention.

Roseanne Barr and Jill Stein will be on the California primary ballot ( California will hold its primary election on June 5.


The Green Party of Tennessee now has major party ballot status, after US District Court Judge William J. Haynes invalidated Tennessee’s new ballot access law for minor parties ( and

The Green Party of Arkansas qualified for the ballot on January 19 ( /

The Green Party is already on the ballot in the four largest states: California, Florida, New York, and Texas, and aims to have the Green presidential and vice-presidential nominees on the ballot in at least 46 states on Election Day, Nov. 6.


The Green presidential candidates’ questionnaires, submitted for recognition of the candidates by the national party, are now online and can be read by the public. The questions cover the candidates’ positions on major issues and their campaign plans.

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