Wilderside Is Six Years Old: Help keep us alive and growing

For six years, The Wilders have been posting news, celebrating political activism, and supporting poets and musicians here at onthewilderside.

This website is our family project. We have invested a small amount of money in holding the URL names, and recently, in paying for server space. We have invested a lot of time in studying, sorting, formatting, illustrating, posting, and reposting information to serve the community.

Now, we are hoping to make the leap to turn onthewilderside into a more sustainable project.

We have moved the server from a free, blog site to a server we are paying to be hosted on. This move should allow us to use photos and video more easily. And, it will also allow us to gather funds to support the infrastructure, support the work we do, and make sure we can continue this project in the future.

We will be implementing a three part strategy to allow onthewilderside (via Wilderside, Ltd) to evolve into a long-term, well-focused, family business. We are going to: Expand our use of links with partner sites (like Alibris and  Powell’s Books); Consider accepting paid ads from companies we respect; And, adding a “Tip Jar” on the front page.

We are committed to keeping these funding strategies low-key. We will not accept pop-up ads or other flashy intrusions. We will do our best to make sure that any advertising we might accept matches the vibe and values of this website.

About The Tip Jar

We imagine the tip jar will become a way for passers-by who find good information here to give us a small thanks for our efforts. Our stats show that thousands of people come here to find important information such as: Who all the candidates are on the ballot; the list of demands and declarations from Occupy Wall Street; the possible environmental reasons for earthquakes; where to find poetry readings and live music events on Long Island.

We also hope that long-term readers and valued friends may throw a tip in the jar to thank us for our service over the years, and to encourage us to continue during this time of contemplation.

With appreciation,

Ian and Kimberly Wilder
Wilderside, Ltd.

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  3. Great idea. Good luck.

  4. Congratulations to you both.

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