Celebrate Occupy’s 6 Month Anniversary: NYC on Saturday, March 17th (St. Pat’s Day)

3/18/2012 at about one in the morning:
People are still marching as of 12:45am
Arrests and problematic police interactions
Best LIVE VIDEO links are at occupywallst.org: here.

3/17/2012 – Update – as of 4:34pm –

Live Video from “occupy musician” : here.

Live Video cuts from “global revolution” : here.

Watch! Go there if you are close! Some people say the police seem to be putting them in barricades.

Two celebrations on this wonderful, St. Patrick’s Day 2012: St. Patrick banished the snakes from Ireland! And, Occupy Wall Street tries to banish the corporations from our government! If he can do it, we can do it!

It is hoped that people from far and wide will gather in NYC to celebrate the 6 month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. Hope some folks from Long Island can make the trip in for the big occasion.

Saturday, March 17th, Occupy Wall Street, New York City events

Occupy Wall Street
6th Month Anniversary Celebrations in NYC
Saturday, March 17, 2012

From 11am to 1pm
Children’s Chalkupation
See FB event here and info below*

1:00pm Silent Procession
Gather at Liberty Square/Zuccotti Park
American Spring – Sowing the Seeds of Change
March from Liberty Square to Hunger Memorial
3/17/2012 at 1pm
A Call to Action on our six month anniversary: Laying to rest hunger and greed, welcoming a new season, celebrating our resilience and determination. Join a silent procession to bury hunger, greed and grief, of ritual burial and re-birth. Speakers will address issues of food sustainability, housing, health care, and the economy. http://www.nycga.net/events/event/m17-march

 2:00pm until ???
Gather at Liberty Square/Zuccotti Park
Celebration and 24-hour Reoccupation
Liberty Square
As part of the American Spring, OWS Direct Action will make an effort to liberate space for 24 hours for the people and by the people. We will gather all afternoon at Liberty Square, and at 5pm march to the re-occupation. http://www.nycga.net/events/event/m17-24-hour-reoccupation

More OWS events for Saturday March 17th and Sunday March 18th: here.

More about the parent/children event on Saturday morning:

*Saturday, March 17, 11:00-1pm
Parents for Occupy Wall Street – #M17 Call to Action: The Children´s Chalkupation
Liberty Plaza / Zuccotti

Thursday March 8th, around 11pm, 3 occupiers were arrested and detained for over 20 hours for the heinous acts of criminal trespass, trespass and graffiti. What specifically was their criminal activity? – 2 were arrested for drawing on the ground with sidewalk chalk, the 3rd for watching them! This latest example of the NYPD subjecting outrageous oppression on peaceful OWS protestors, and suppression of first amendment free speech in a 24 hour public park is disgusting, petty and a blatant waste of time and police resources. Immediately following the arrests @OWSTactical called for a ‘Chalkupation’ to show solidarity with the arrested. On Saturday March 17 at 11 am, Parents for Occupy Wall St. and their children call for all of New York’s children and parents to join to take colored sticks of calcium carbonate in their hands and defiantly ‘Chalkupy’ Liberty Plaza for the right to play freely in public space! We plan to cover the park with vibrant chalks of 99% Super Heroes, OWS Kids Characters, and 1% Meanies. Facebook event

What’s coming up for Occupy?:

Events for Earth Day, April 22nd: Including lead-up events, such as Disrupt Dirty Power on March 24th in NYC.

March 24th on Long Island: Peace, Justice, and Occupy event. Info: here.

May 1st General Strike: A big event, with international solidarity. 6 Ways To Get Ready for the May 1st General Strike


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