Happy St. Pat’s Day: What’s green on Long Island?

Ian and I woke up early today. So, we have already gathered some images of green for this lovely, sunny, St. Patrick’s Day. Full set at Flickr: here and with story below.

What’s Green on Long Island?

The soccer fields:

Soccer in North Babylon: 3/17/2012


The soccer players:

Green haired soccer players

A girls soccer team celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with green hair.

Cookies at the luncheonette:

Green cookies for St. Pat's Day

Yum, yum, chocolate chip. These are from Krysten’s Good Eats and Treats. It’s a family owned, local business. (And, the food is delicious!)

Green cookies to go: St. Pat's Day 2012


Signs of Spring:

Daffodils are a sign of Spring

Above: Sunny yellow daffodils in their sea of green leaves.

Below: Some sprouts in the courtyard of our neighborhood.

Green Sprouts: 3/17/2012



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