April Fools: Occupy Wall Street endorses Ron Paul for President

[This post was put up for April Fools Day 2012. It was in the spirit of fun of the same post, put up as an April 1st joke announcement, on the NYCGA/OWS website. At their website, when you clicked on the minutes link for “proof”, it took you to a calendar, reminding you that it was April 1st!]


Picture on front of OWS/NYCGA website

NYCGA.net is an official website of Occupy Wall Street. It is the site for the New York City General Assembly, who make decisions on the ground for Occupy Wall Street.

The NYCGA website today has an announcement that OWS has agreed to officially endorse a Ron Paul presidential ticket.

Well, the endorsement comes with a condition. The website added “If Paul wins the nomination he can carry the OWS endorsement only if Dr. Cornel West is accepted as Vice President.”

When you click on the part that says “Read the minutes”, you are directed to an odd website. And, when you look at the calendar you begin to wonder…

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  1. On April 1st, I tend not to believe anything I read; the more absurd, the more likely it’s an April Fool’s Day joke.

  2. Afghanistan is the longest war in the U.S.’s blood-drenched war history. The troops far and away donate to Ron Paul’s campaign than all the other candidates combined. They get it. Obama prepares for yet more war with Pakistan, Iran, and beyond. World war of our own disastrous making looms. The 1% like war. They are getting rich from it – on your tax dollars. To hell with the fact that they are bankrupting the 99%. Yet you mock the one guy who says enough?

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